‘Dayarani’ running successfully in the second week.

Maotse Gurung’s debut directorial film ‘Dayarani’ has been claimed as a hit. The hit was announced with a collection report through a poster that director and writer of Kabaddi film, Ram Babu Gurung, shared on social media on Tuesday. He congratulated director Matose Gurung and his team for their accomplishments. The collection of the film is mentioned to be 2.5 corers. There is, however, no evidence to support the film’s collection. For a few months now, the Film Development Board has not made the box office figures public.

Also, actor Dayahang Rai shared the poster with the film’s collection report on Facebook and expressed his gratitude to the audience. In the second week as well, multiplexes have given good shows to the film. The country’s largest multiplex chain, QFX, has provided 28 shows across the country for Wednesday, which is exciting. This also shows that the business of the film is good.

The film business is particularly strong in Pokhara. The availability of four shows for Wednesday by the Midtown Cinemas there also indicates that the audience is good in Pokhara. Pokhara is the birthplace of director Gurung. That is why his name may have more influence in the halls there. The distributor claims that the number of people watching the film is also good in the halls of Butwal, Damauli and Itahari.

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