The teaser for “Mahajatra” features a money game.

The teaser for the third series of the ‘Jatra’ franchise, ‘Mahajatra’, has been released. The 1-minute, 12-second teaser shows the situation that money creates. The teaser focuses on the struggle and harassment faced by three characters, Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya and Rabindra Jha, after being offered to hide money in a vehicle. In the teaser, actor Hari Bansha Acharya is portrayed in the style of a leader.

The previous two series of the ‘Jatra’ franchise focused on money and gold. The teaser indicates that ‘Mahajatra’ is based on power and money. Comedy is the specialty of this franchise. A glimpse of it can be seen in the teaser as well. Written and directed by Pradeep Bhattarai, the film also stars Rajaram Paudel, Barsha Raut, Divya Dev, Shishir Bangdel, Prakash Ghimire, etc.

Rabindra Singh Baniya is the executive producer of the film, which is going to be screened on Chaitra 9th, while Max Dipesh Khatri and Yagyashwor Poudel are the producers. Purushottam Pradhan has cinematography in the film. Director Bhattarai has said that the film deals with themes of love, friendship, family and nationalism. He claims that this time he has made a film by rising above ‘Jatra’ and ‘Jatrai Jatra’.

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