Censor board inquiry over 18-second kiss scene in ‘Bahav’

Kathmandu- The Film Scrutiny Committee has questioned the director and producer regarding the kissing scene in the film ‘Bahav’, which is preparing to be screened from Friday. After being asked by the officials of the board with interest, director Pramod Kandel informed that he explained the significance and significance of the scene in the film.

Within a few minutes of the start of the film, Suraksha Pant and Pawan Shrestha have an almost 18 second long kiss scene. After this scene was shown in the premiere on Wednesday evening, the audience even hooted in the hall. Director Kandel believes that this kiss scene may have been the longest in a Nepali film so far.

Earlier, the censor board, which was considered inappropriate even in the normal kissing scene, has seen liberality in this romantic and bold scene of Bahav. Even when there was a censor, the board officials objected to this. But after explaining why that scene is important for the film, they were convinced and gave the universal certificate,” said director Kandel, “I am happy that people who understand the film have reached the censor board.”

The scene has been used to establish the relationship of the top characters in the film. Suraksha has given such a bold scene for the first time in her film career. When this scene came, Surksha present at the premiere covered her face in shame. Earlier, even the producer had not said anything about it. This scene was kept secret. The producer of the film is Sridhar Poudel.

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