The new song ‘Laideu Chhapakkai’ from film ‘Dayarani’

The Friday-released film “Dayarani” is performing well at theaters. In three days, the film brought in one crore and twenty-five lakhs, and on working days, the crowd in some theaters, including Pokhara, was enthusiastic. Audience members from the Gurung community are more noticeable, particularly in the hall. The film may have had an impact on the audience because of the story it has taken up.

The song “Laideu Chhapakkai,” which is featured in the film, was released on Tuesday. Man Chhetri wrote the song’s lyrics, Binod Baniya composed the music, and Melina Rai and Baniya sang the duet together. Dayahang Rai, Bijay Baral, Shrisha Kunwar, and other dancers can be seen performing in the song. The song has been prepared in the context of a special event.

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