In the trailer of “Kandetar,” border dispute issues

The film “Kandetra,” which centers on a campaign to erect barbed wire on the border between India and Nepal, has released an action-packed trailer. In the 2.5-minute trailer released on the occasion of “Jhanyudha Diwas,” actor Nawal Khadka, who is regarded as having close ties to the Maoists, brought up the subject of border encroachment. His “action sequence” seems well-executed.

Nawal claims that after the film is screened, the issue of barbed wire installation on borders will be taken up nationally. All tiers of state and local governments, as well as the parliament, will speak. Also, he predicted, the people would decide that barbed wire ought to be put along the border. Additionally, he has stressed that “Kandetar” ought to be released on its own because it is a distinct film.

Gaurav Pahari, Rebika Gurung, Surabina Karki, Muralidhar, Prem Subba, Parshuram Chaudhary, Sanjay Khatiwada, Rajendra Bhagat, Pannalal Sigdar, Prakash Giri, and other actors star in Nawal’s directorial debut. The film, which is going to be screened on the 25th of Falgun, has Saurabh Lama’s cinematography, Shree Shrestha’s fight direction, and Kabiraj Gahatraj’s choreography.

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