The film ‘Boksi ko Ghar’ in First Look Poster

The first-look poster for Keki Adhikari’s film “Boksi Ko Ghar” has been released. On the occasion of Basant Panchami, on Wednesday, a public poster featured a woman standing in front of a massive tree while wearing a red sari and having flowing hair. Additionally, a large image of the full moon can be seen above the enormous tree. The poster’s concept design is visually appealing.

Along with Keki, Shupala Sapkota, Swechchha Raut, Sulakshyan Bharti, Rama Thapaliya, Sushma Niraula, Sabin Bastola, and other actors star in the Sulakshyan Bharati-directed film. Produced by Keki Adhikari Films, with Raj Ghimire serving as executive producer and Keki’s father, Badri Adhikari, serving as producer. This film will be screened on Baisakh 14th.

Director Bharati wrote the script and edited the film. Shivram Shrestha handled the cinematography, Kumar Maharjan handled the action, and Lokesh Bajracharya handled the editing. The film’s production team intends to submit it to international festivals following its premiere in Nepal. The film is based on the play ‘Boksi Ko Ghar’ staged at Mandala Theater in 2073.

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