The love story of Arpan and Arju in the song of film ‘Vanar Sena’

Arpan Giri’s (Armann Jung) directorial debut, the second song of the film ‘Vanar Sena’, has been released. The main actors, Arpan Giri and Arju Prasai, are featured in the romantic theme song titled ‘Timro Juneli Rup’, which was released during a program in Kathmandu on Tuesday. The song has director Giri’s lyrics and voice, while John Tamang and director Giri himself have music.

Kishore Khatiwada, Surbir Pandit, Arjun Gurung, Kishan Babu Basnet, Rajan Niraula, Sunita Shrestha, Suresh Sahu, Kamala Bist, Ramesh Sodari, Yuvraj Giri, Rahul Yadav, Gyanendra Thapa, and Child Artist Master Amit Poudel, along with Kameshwar Chaurasia and Tejashwi Baskota, have acted in special roles in the film, which is going to be screened on Ashwin 19th.

Presented by Giri Grand Films, the film is written by director Giri himself, with cinematography by Binod Sapkota, action direction by Shankar Maharjan and RK Shree, dance direction by Narayan Rijal, editing by Bande Prasad. Rich Entertainment and FD Company are distributing the film, which is a solo production by Yuvraj Giri. Director Giri said that the story of ‘Vanar Sena’ is legendary.

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