Parijat Smriti Kendra’s objection to Prakash Saput’s ‘Sakambari’, demand to correct the lyrics

Kathmandu- Parijat Smriti Kendra has objected to singer Prakash Saput’s song ‘Sakambari’. The organization has also objected to the name of the famous character of writer Parijat’s novel ‘Shirish Ko Phool’.

In the statement issued by the General Secretary Dil Sundar Shrestha, during the filming of the Sakambari song, Shirish Ko Phool book was inappropriately used and the names of the characters presented in the song video were named Sakambari and Suyobir.

It is also mentioned that while creating the song, permission was not taken from the center and copyright was violated. It is also mentioned that the Center is sensitive to the freedom of creators and is in favor of authorial freedom. The center has also demanded to apologize for this and correct the scene.

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