Nischal’s new project, ‘Behuli from Meghauli’, was added to next year’s Dashain.

The Dashain holiday is considered to be the ideal time to release a movie. The producers think that the extended vacation will help the movie’s box office performance. As a result, there is intense competition amongst producers each year to release a movie during the Dashain holiday.

Already, four movies have selected the next Dashain. The films “Chhakka Panja 5” by Deepa Shree Niroula, “Balidan” by Santosh Sen, “Gaon Nai Ramailo” by Dinesh Raut, and now “Behuli From Meghauli,” which is also slated for release in Dashain, was co-directed by Akash Baral and Sajan Kafle. After acquiring the movie’s distribution rights on Monday, Ashok Sharma declared that Dashain 2081 will see the release of the film.

The film ‘Behuli From Meghauli,’ starring Swastima Khadka, Nishchil Basnet, and Bijay Baral, will begin filming in the second week of Falgun. Black Horse Pictures and Meghauli Films are collaborating to produce the movie under the banner Swastima. The film’s title implies that Meghauli village in Chitwan is the inspiration for the film’s plot.

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