NEFTA Film Awards evaluation begins

Kathmandu- The jury has started judging for the 11th edition of Nepal Film Technician Association (NEFTA) Film Awards. Nefta informed that the process of evaluating the received films has started. Chairman Pushkar Lama (Prem Bhomjan) said that the jury will look at Nepali stories and tribal films received by Wednesday. Films with public screenings from Baisakh to mid-Chaitra will be eligible to compete.

According to the data of the Film Development Board, a total of 46 films were screened in the year 2079. President Lama said, “We are committed to make the award fair, dignified and without controversy.”

President Lama informed that preparations are being made to announce the film nominations soon. The upcoming edition of NEFTA Awards will be held in Texas, USA on 13th Jestha.

Nefta informed that the preparations for the award are going on in full swing. Apart from the film, actors, producers, directors and technicians from Nepal are preparing to go to America to participate in the awards.

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