Casting for the film “Tel Visa” is now open.

Director Shankar Ghimire is getting ready to begin filming his next movie, “Tel Visa,” in the second week of March. Bipin Karki, Barsha Raut, Gauri Malla, and Richa Ghimire have been confirmed in the film; now auditions have been called for USA and Canada residents. Casting calls for supporting roles will take place in America, where 70 percent of the film will be filmed, according to director Ghimire.

The audition is open to both foreign and native participants of various castes and age groups. The prerequisites for that are living in America, artistic ability, and a solid understanding of American culture, language, and attire. Prospective applicants should contact Well Done Creations at with a resume, a headshot, and a brief introductory video. February 20 for crew and February 25 for cast are the deadlines.

The film, which is being produced in collaboration with 7 Seas Entertainment and Well Done Creation, will be shot in Maryland, Virginia, New York and Washington, DC, in America, while the remaining 30 percent will be shot in Nepal. It is said that Bipin will play a dual role (father-son) in the film. The film will show the changing status of Nepali society after going abroad and being established there.

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