Shakti Ballav and Baburam Pokharel’s ‘Srijanaka Fulharu’ released

“Srijanaka Fullharu,” a brand-new collection of contemporary songs created in association with lyricist Baburam Pokharel and renowned composer Shakti Ballav, has just been made available. With the support of lyricist Bishwa Ballav and the Songwriters Association of Nepal, the album was released.

“Srijanaka Fulharu” features solo compositions by composer Shakti Ballav and lyricist Baburam Pokharel. The album has the music compositions of Manohar Sunam and Niraj Shrestha and recording, mixing and mastering by Bhola Paudel.

The songs on the album are sung by Anand Karki, Satyaraj Acharya, Swaroopraj Acharya, Shishir Yogi, Sumit Khadka, Mandabi Tripathi, Banika Pradhan and lyricist Pokharel.

Musician Shakti Ballav, singer Anand Karki, musician Santosh Shrestha, Karate Federation Vice President Dr. Omkrishna Prasai, musician and music coordinator Manohar Sunam, recordist Bhola Paudel, singer Mandabi Tripathi, journalist Sabita Pokharel, singer Nabin Karki, music composer Jyoti Prakash, singer Chiranjeevi Bhandari and other personalities from the music field were present.

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