The release date of ‘Boksiko Ghar’ has been announced

The new Nepali film “Boksiko Ghar,” starring actress Keki Adhikari, is scheduled to open on the 14th of Baisakh in the upcoming year. She stated that the film, which is a home production of Keki Adhikari and is based on the play “Boksiko Ghar,” which was staged eight years ago, will be screened in Baisakh. The play’s writer and director, Sulakshyan Bharti, is the film’s director.

The film, which centers on the exploitation of women by falsely accusing them of being witches, stars Keki, Supla Sapkota, Swechha Raut, Sulakshyan Bharati, Rama Thapaliya, Sushma Niraula, Sabin Bastola, and others.

Keki stated that the film is made in the genre of social-thriller, portrays the evil practices of society. She intends to take it to international film festivals, where it will be shown concurrently in several nations, including Nepal.

Rajkumar Ghimire serves as the executive producer, and Keki Adhikari is the producer. The film has background music by Lochan Rijal, cinematography by Shivram Shrestha, and editing by Lokesh Bajracharya. Tifalk Films will distribute this film.

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