The new Kauda song, ‘Mayako Jhalko’: Singer Manoj and Tara

The new kauda song “Mayako Jhalko” features vocals by Manoj Thapa Magar and Tara Shrees Magar. The music video for the song can be viewed on the “Abinas Thapa Magar” YouTube channel.

Abinas Thapa Magar wrote the lyrics, and Ganesh Gurung composed the music for this Kauda-style song, which depicts the founding of Magar and Gurung society. The song has music arrangements by singer Manoj Thapa Magar.

The music video features acting based on the original culture by Shekhar Gharti Magar, Sushma Ale Magar, and Asmita Magar. Shekhar Gharti Magar directed and choreographed the video, which Bijay Lama shot. The video was edited and colored by Amrit Chapagain.

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