Saugat and Srishti’s breakup rumors

Actors falling in love and breaking up is not a new thing in the entertainment world neither in the Nepali film industry. Every week or month, page three of the media is filled with the news of some artist’s love and breakup. Currently, the breakup of actor Saugat Malla and actress Srishti Shrestha has heated up the film industry. It is said that these two have put an end to their love relationship of more than 5 years. 

This couple was preparing to tie the knot after two years. If the corona epidemic had not spread, they could probably have tied the knot in the year 2077. Saugat went to the UK to meet Srishti’s family on Dashain 2076 to talk about marriage. Srishti’s family also gave permission for the marriage. However, their marriage was falling due to various reasons.

Now, they are said to have ended their love relationship. Srishti is currently in the UK with her family. According to a close source, she flew to the UK after breaking up with Sougat. Saugat is in Nepal. Until some time ago, Srishti used to keep pictures with Saugat on Instagram. However, now none of those pictures can be found on her Instagram. This also adds strength to the discussion of their breakup. 

Since they started ‘dating’ each other, they never hid their love affair. They used to go to public events together. They also did some films together. Their love and care for each other attracted many. However, now there is rumors that both are two poles. It remains to be seen how Saugat and Srishti, who have openly expressed their love relationship, will take the breakup talk.

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