In “Unko Sweater,” Bipin and Miruna appeared like this.

The first look poster for the first film, ‘Unko Sweeter,’ directed by Nabin Chauhan, who is regarded as a master of storytelling style songs, has been released. The vintage “Texture” poster features Bipin Karki and Miruna Magar. The poster captures the style of photography popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Bipin is seen standing, and Miruna is sitting on a chair in the poster.

Bipin, wearing a wool sweater, has a happy expression on his face. His styled hair and subtle mustache give him a handsome appearance. Miruna has on her magar attire. Her front hair covers her forehead. The poster not only hints at Bipin and Miruna playing the roles of husband and wife but also reveals that the film is based on an inter-caste love story.

The film is slated to be shot in Baisakh and will also star Bipin and Miruna alongside Maotse Gurung, Alex Bishwokarma (Paras), Pariksha Limbu, Anil Subba, Suraj Tamu, Milan Khatri, and Arun Pun Magar. Sujan Chapagain and Kobid Bazra composed the soundtrack for the movie. Director Chauhan wrote the script, and Chintan Raj Bhandari will shoot the film. Artmandu will produce the film.

Through Artmandu, director Chauhan has created music videos for songs including “Teenpatey,” “Ghumi Ghumi,” “Fulthunge Rani,” “Sunakhari,” “K Maya Lagchha Ra,” “Batauli,” and others. Bipin collaborated with Nabin on two songs: “Ghumi Ghumi” and “Batauli.”

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