On Falgun 3, Comedy Champion’s third season will premiere.

During a press conference on Wednesday, director Bishal Bhandari announced that the third season of the television reality show “Comedy Champion” will be broadcast on Kantipur Television.

It is reported that thirty candidates made it through the audition process. There will be 33 episodes of this show. Three Productions will produce the show, which will be directed by Bishal Bhandari.

The producers of the show are Keki Adhikari, Bishal Bhandari, and Reema Bishwokarma. OSR Digital has obtained the digital rights to the show, and Khalti has worked with them on the voting process. The judges of the show are Pradeep Bhattarai, Santosh Panta, Rieecha Sharma and Manoj Gajurel. Reema and Maxem Gaudel will be the hosts.

At the press conference, Kantipur TV’s Suraj Singh Thakuri spoke about censorship on television. He said that comedies that are objectionable will be censored.

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