Rachana and Chetan’s ‘Salaijo Kupinde Taalaima…’ promoting the tourist spot of Salyan

Singer and composer Chetan Rai, who has been active in the music field for almost a decade and a half, has released his new album ‘Stage’.

The music video of which has also been made. Various religious and tourist places of Salyan are also shown in the video.

In the song, singer Rai has been accompanied by singer Rachna Rimal. The song has lyrics by singer Rai and music by Rai and Surya Rumwa and music composition by Manoj Thapa Magar.

The video was directed by Faraz Arpan. The video features Neha Tamang, Avilasha Singh, Manisha Basnet, Samyam Singh, Nabin Thapa, Aavash Bhattarai, Prakash Lamichhane, Preetika Singh and others.

Singer Rai said that he made a song and video with the aim of promoting Salyan district.

The popular songs of Rai, Ek Dui Tin ramailo chha Yo Din, Timi Dhun Bana Ma Geet Gauchhu, Namche Bazaar, Marera ke Lanu Chha Ra, etc.

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