Khushi Karki was awarded Rs 1 crore for winning the title of “Mero Dance Universe.”

Kathmandu: Karki took home a cash reward of Rs. 1 crore after winning the contest. The team from Belgium, led by Devi Garbuja Magar, finished as the competition’s first runner-up. The team received a monetary prize of Rs. 30 lakh. The Sikkim team, led by Mingma D. Lepcha, finished as the competition’s second runner-up. The group received Rs. 20 lakh in cash. The third runner-up is Swastik Aryal of Gorkha. He was given Rs. 15 lakh. Susling Magar, a resident of Mahottari, came in fourth. Magar has received a reward worth ten lakh rupees. It has been reported that the winners of the competition’s fourth and fifth places would additionally receive 10 lakhs.

Prime Minister Dahal distributed prizes to the winners. Prime Minister Dahal, Speaker Devraj Ghimire and other ministers and leaders of political parties were present for the program.

This singing and dancing competition has been organized with the aim of maintaining mutual harmony among the Nepalese people scattered around the world and keeping the Nepali language and culture alive among them.

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