A story of Santalal Chepang’s ‘Katha Bhitraka Kathaharu’

A documentary film named ‘Katha Bhitraka Kathaharu’ based on the life of Santalal Chepang, has been prepared. The director of the documentary, Dipendra KC, who previously directed musical audiovisuals, explained that the documentary aims to tell the story of a family and explains why the Chepang community continues to live in the forest.

“After finding a few stories about Chepang, director KC, who thought of making a documentary, was taken to Nayabasti by Bishnu Bahadur Praja, a member of Ward No. 4 of Manhari Rural Municipality. The forest is still dear to the Chepang community; after I got there for filming, I got to know their separate world and life, and I prepared a documentary with the aim that the world should see it,” the director, KC, stated.

“My aim is not only to show his story but also to bring about a change in livelihood; the life that the community lives is beyond our imagination,” Director KC said. “After reaching there, I came across many stories; one of them is Santalal. I have to watch the documentary to understand why I am showing his story.” Director KC spent nearly two years crafting the documentary.

“I did the filming in about three weeks, so it took me time. In between, I was able to get close to them; I cannot express in words what they are going through,” director KC stated. At that point, plans were developed for how to present the research.

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