Do not miss ‘Trishna Gurung live in Baltimore’

With over a million subscribers to her official YouTube channel, Trishana Gurung, a well-known singer, has gained a significant following over the past nine years due to her ability to seamlessly blend traditional Nepali melodies with contemporary styles, creating a unique and captivating musical fusion.

“Trishana Gurung Live in Baltimore,” a highly anticipated event celebrating musical prowess and cultural diversity, is scheduled to take place today at 4132 E Joppa RD, Baltimore, MD 21234. Music lovers can expect an exciting evening of music as Trishana Gurung takes center stage.

Along with Trishana Gurung, two outstanding local performers, Parnima Acharya and Rajal Lama, will bring a distinct touch to the musical spectacle.

Lord Buddha Entertainment is in charge of arranging singer Trishna Gurung’s solo performance. PNM Entertainment, an organization in America, arranged for her to go on a tour to different states of America.

A number of sponsors have come together to support this musical extravaganza, helping to make it a memorable event. RL Digital Sounds, the lighting and DJ experts, will add to the visual and auditory experience, bringing the audience into a lively environment. Zen Travels, Taste of Taj, Family Kitchen, and Media Partner Saathi Baltimore have also contributed to the success of this event by lending their support, highlighting the value of cross-cultural collaboration and a common love of music.

Tickets were $30 for regular admission and $145 for VIP.

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