The new song “Ma Ko Hu” by Ram Krishna Dhakal and Rani Shakya has been released (Video)

The video of the song ‘Ma Ko Hu’, which is based on the story of a man and a woman who are separated for their love, has been released through the Youtube channel Rani Shakya.

Featuring the vocals of singer Ram Krishna Dhakal and singer Rani Shakya, this song has music by Rimesh Kumar and lyrics by Janak Wagle. This song was arranged by Bisham Acharya, recorded and mixed by Bhola Paudel and mastered by Sajan Shah.

The music video for the song features senior actor Saroj Khanal and actress Shilpa Pokharel. The song expresses the sense of having to be someone else’s when you cannot be yourself. The video also stars Sulochana Gautam and Sushant Dhakal.

Rasrang Media is in charge of creating the music video, which has cinematography by Ram Kumar KC and editing and color by Bijesh Paudel.

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