The spectacular return of “Kandara”

The three-decade-old band ‘Kandara’ resounded in Pokhara on Friday amid fears that there would be a lack of audience at the ‘live concert’. This folk pop band that emerged from Pokhara made a great comeback in their home town among thousands of spectators.

Kandara Band, which has left an indelible mark in Nepali folk-pop music by performing classic songs like ‘HongKong Pokhara’, ‘Tagaroma Rumal Rakhi’, ‘Leka Ki Hey Maya’, ‘Timi Pari Tyo Gauma’, and ‘Dandapari’, gave a musical performance on Poush 27th in Pokhara. The band also sang some songs. Remembering Gopal Yonjan, the audience chanted ‘Jai Jai Nepal…’ twice.

Kandara is preparing to hold a concert at 8 places in Nepal with the message of the domestic tourism campaign of the Nepal government: ‘First home, then abroad, promotion of domestic tourism’.

According to Elfa Square, the company managing Kandara Band, more than 10,000 spectators were present at the event held at the Pokhara Exhibition Center.

“Kandara Band, which originated in Pokhara, has reemerged with this program today. With this spirit and this mindset, we will travel to every province and see every Pokhareli in Nepal. Wherever we go, we will create an atmosphere where we love Nepal with all of our hearts,” stated Kandara singer Bivek Shrestha.

In the organization of Pokhara Tourism Council, Gandaki Provincial Government, Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest, and Environment, Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara Metropolitan City, Pokhara Pragya-Pratishthan, Lines Club of Pokhara-Samipya, etc., associations are promoting.

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