Announcement of the TV reality show ‘Rap Battle Nepal’ in AP1 HD

The TV reality show ‘Rap Battle Nepal’ is going to be organized by Yujisa International and co-organized by Rajya Media Network. The organizers held a press conference in the Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza on Wednesday and announced that the show would be broadcast on AP1 HD television.

Rap Battle Nepal is scheduled to air on television in April, and Shaanu Khan, the executive director of Yujisa International, claimed that musicians from the Nepali music business to Bollywood will play a crucial role in the program. He also stated that auditions for the show will begin in February.

The chairman and event consultant of Rajya Media Network, Saroj Ojha, stated that this program will offer a setting where audiences of all ages, including young ones, may take in the melodic ambiance.

Devil Singh Rajput, the event director of the show, announced that the auditions for the show will take place in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Jhapa, Itahari, and Chitwan, in addition to Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Siliguri in India. He stated that the dates of the auditions are January 25 in Darjeeling, January 27 in Sikkim, January 29 in Siliguri, February 02 in Jhapa, February 05 in Itahari, February 09 in Chitwan, February 12 in Pokhara, and February 18 and 19 in Kathmandu. Rajput also stated that digital auditions will be held for Nepali speakers dispersed throughout the globe.

Assistant CEO of Pay Well Prajwal Acharya and other guests participated in the program, along with Nirja Raj Joshi, head of news at AP1 HD Television, who wished for the show’s success and stated that television will act as a helper to make the show a success.

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