‘Oh Makka’ by Sushant and Barsha features Newari culture.

A comedy newari culture-based music video for the song ‘Oh Makka’ was released on Poush 16 from the YouTube channel Barsha Karmacharya.

Sushant Khatri and Barsha Karmacharya sing the song; Barsha and Ashutosh Upreti wrote the lyrics, and singer Karmacharya composed the music. Foeseal arranged, mixed, and mastered the song; Rajiv Samar directed the video, which features Barsha and Sushant’s story and concept; Milan Bishwokarma handled the editing; Dinesh Parajuli shot the video; and Sushant Khatri choreographed it.

Newar culture and traditions can be seen in the song ‘Oh Makka’ featuring Sushant Khatri and Barsha. In the video, the Newari dance, lifestyle, and dress are presented in their original locations. The Newari and Nepali languages ​​have been used in the song.

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