Raj’s loving wishes to Sunisha on their anniversary: ​​Double the love in life, half the problems

Even now, the audience knows actor Raj Acharya as the ‘Fuchche’ of ‘Tito satya’. He tried to convey the message that he is not a fool by playing the movie “Chakkapanja 4”. Before debuting in the film, he also tied the knot with actress Sunisha Bajagain of ‘Into Mintu London’ fame.

This famous couple celebrated their wedding anniversary on Thursday. Both have expressed their love by wishing each other on their anniversary. Raj has rained romantic and loving words for Sunisha and Sunisha has also said that she still feels like Raj’s bride.

Raj writes, “After your arrival in my life, my confidence has doubled, the courage to do something has doubled.” Love has doubled. The motivation is doubled. Willpower is doubled. And the problem? The problem is exactly half done. Thank you for everything. Raj further writes, ‘ you are not only a wife but also a life partner. I am proud to call you ‘my she’. Love me like this always. Your dear husband Raj.

Sunisha writes, ‘I am still your bride. You are still my groom. It’s been a year, but it’s still honeymoon. Happy anniversary my dear husband’.

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