Prabin is seen in the character of a police inspector in the new poster of ‘Rangeli’

The recently released character posters for the upcoming Nepali film “Rangeli” feature actor Prabin Khatiwada, who is regarded as an accomplished actor, as Maan Bahadur Dhakal. The poster states that Dhakal has taken on the role of an inspector for the Nepal Police in the movie. Previously, character posters featuring actors Dayahang Rai, Arpan Thapa, and Miruna Magar were unveiled.

Director Arjun Subedi said that Khatiwada’s role in ‘Rangeli’ is strong. Written by Subedi, ‘Rangeli’ has Arpan, Dayahang, Miruna, Prabin, Ramesh Budhathoki and others in leading roles.

This film will be released worldwide on the day of Mahashivratri, Falgun 25th. The songs in this film have lyrics composed by Harak Saud, Arjun Subedi and Sabin Singh, and music by Sushant Gautam and Hercules Basnet.

The executive producers of the film are Jitendra Khatiwada and Anuj Jung Thapa. The producers are Sansar Chaulagain and Ramesh Bhattarai Vashishtha, while Yuvak Karki and Shiv Shankar Chaulagain are the co-producers. Vivek Khadka is an associate producer. The cinematographer is Sushan Prajapati.

The film will premiere on the VIP red carpet with actors from Australia and America, along with Nepal. It will be released simultaneously in various countries around the world, including America, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

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