“Aam Nagarik” the film will be made

The film ‘Aam Nagarik’ is going to be made under the banner of Kshit Babu Production House. The production side of the film, which will be produced by Puskar Raut, has released the official first-look poster.

In the public poster, the main character of the film is shown standing with a machete (Khukuri) on the back of his body. A city scene is shown in the background. This indicates that the film will be action-oriented.

In Binay Raj Paudel’s directorial debut, the actor selection process for the film is currently underway. The film is being produced by Ugrashan Dhungana and Rajendra Dulal and will be shot in Baisakh. The director wrote the script for the film as well.

Binay, who has worked as a chief assistant director in more than a dozen films, has also directed some music videos and telefilms.

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