250 orphans enjoyed watching an entertainment film from 7 orphanages.

More than 250 children from 7 orphanages like Fresh Nepal Orphanage, New Nepal Society Center, Nepal Children Organization, Voice of Children, Maya Ghar Orphanage, Pravananda Ashram, and Rest Foundation watched various entertaining films.

Interact Club of L.R.I School Kalanki screened various films under the title ‘Screening for Impact’ to entertain and convey messages to children. In collaboration with NCL, Cloud Education Visa Service, and Kirtipur Cineplex, the film was screened at the ‘Kirtipur Cineplex’ hall. On that occasion, some small and large films were screened on the internet, which gave positive messages and inspired and entertained.

Rohan Khadka of the club said that the film was screened with the aim of showing that dependent children in orphanages also need entertainment. Another goal of the Screening for Impact program is to create a positive and attractive environment for the children of the orphanage, added Khadka.

Arrangements were also made for road transport and lunch for the children of the orphanage participating in the program. In which club president Gautam also participated. Gautam, president of the club, said that the ‘Screening for Impact’ program has succeeded in providing entertainment and inspiration to the children of the orphanage.

Film producer and Hall businessman Narendra Maharjan also participated in the program. Sangina Maharjan is the service officer of the club.

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