Nepali films will be released on OTT worldwide through ‘Release World’

Now, Nepali films are also going to get exposure all over the world, just like Bollywood and Hollywood films. The American company ‘Release World’, one of the leading companies in the digital release of films, has recently opened the way to exhibit films in Asian countries.

Release World will also screen Nepali films on more than 300 OTT platforms, such as Netflix, Voot, Amazon Prime Video, Jio Cinema, Disney Plus Hotstar, Zee5, etc. It is claimed that this company has managed to set a record by earning up to 5 billion US dollars when showing films on its platform.

Nepali film distribution and production company Namaste Entertainment, on behalf of this company, which has its head office in Mumbai, has obtained authorization to release Nepali films on this platform.

Recently, the head of the company and film director, Shiva Ghimire, obtained official status for Nepali films. Now this company will help bring Nepali films to OTT in more than 55 languages. Ghimire of Namaste Entertainment said that the producers can release the film at the time they want by logging into the ‘Release World’ online, and the income of the film can also be viewed from the ‘login’ account. He believes that this platform will become a strong source of income for Nepali producers. Nepali film lovers scattered all over the world can easily watch Nepali films on the gadgets they use through the search engine. Ghimire says that since his life has been dedicated to Nepali films, he has succeeded in introducing this technology to Nepal with tireless efforts.

He said that when the producer is not able to get a good market for the film, if the film is released on the international OTT platform, the business will increase by 25 percent. Ghimire says, “Even if 5 million viewers watch the film on YouTube, 20 million are not in the hands of the producer. However, when the same audience watches the film on OTT, the business is 27 to 32 crores. It is necessary for Nepali producers to think about this matter in time.

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