Director Suman Dahal brought ‘Timi Lai Chhadi’ from America.

Film director Suman Dahal, who has been living in America for the past 6 years, has released the video of his new song ‘Timi Lai Chhadi’ under his direction. He released the video of this song on the Samrat Creation YouTube channel.

Pramod Kharel is the singer for this song. Tika Bhandari composed the music for it. Ishwar Prabasi, who also resides in America, wrote the song’s lyrics. Models Bhuwan Lohani and Nishma Chapagain are acting in the video of this exciting love song. The video has choreography by Mahendra Niraula, editing by Bhupendra Adhikari, and cinematography by Pawan Gautam.

In the region of the US cities of Louisville and Langington, director Suman Dahal filmed this song. The song’s music video includes some of those incredibly stunning scenes. The song’s music video has gained popularity as well. Suman has kept up his film and music video directing career even while living in America.

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