Usha Rajak’s allegation: Actor ‘Anup Baral’s Studio is a filthy place’

Usha Rajak, an actress, asserted that Diya Maskey was cast in the lead role after she was removed from the film “Kagbeni.” She claimed in a status update on Facebook on Friday that actor Anup Baral pressured director Bhushan Dahal into casting Diya.

She labeled herself a coward for having the guts to make this matter public for 17 years and stated, “I recall that at that moment, I got up the confidence to question Anup sir, “What happened, sir?” then he proposed to go to dinner by turning the discussion around. I was 19 years old; whether I did or did not comprehend, I attended and sat calmly in the class.

She questioned why there is nepotism and favoritism rather than giving equal opportunities to students and artists by opening an educational institution. Usha insists that many Actors Studio students converse in this manner, but no one has the courage to dangle a bell over the cat’s neck. She has also termed the actors studio a ‘contaminated place’.

“Even so, the majority of casting calls for quality films still take place there, and hopeful actors still show up for the auditions there. Well, till I opened my eyes, I too went with optimism”, she composed. She has also stated that she holds no grudges against anyone and that Anup Baral has taught her a lot of valuable lessons. She also lauded Diya for her acting skills.

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