The new music video for the song ‘Chalne Hawalai’ of singer Saru Parajuli

The music video for the song “Chalne Hawalai,” which was released on singer Saru Parajuli’s YouTube channel, delves into the topic of women’s empowerment.

Shiva Chamlagai wrote the song’s lyrics and melody, while Saru Parajuli provided the vocals. Radio Shrestha completed the mixing and mastering, while Pradeep Shrestha composed the music arrangement.

The Sangita Shrestha-directed music video has cinematography by Shivram Shrestha and color and editing by Prabin Shrestha. The video features performances by child actor Samriddhi Shrestha, actresses Sanchita Luintel and Benisha Hamal, as well as actors Gajit Bista, Sonika Bastola, Thaman Singh Purja, and Krish KC.

About 200 songs, including bhajans, teej songs, pop songs, folk songs, modern songs, national songs, and Newari songs, have featured singer Parajuli’s voice.

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