The decision to cancel the membership of the actors who did not act in the movie

The decision to cancel the membership of the actors who did not act in the movie

Kathmandu- Nepal Movie Actors Association has decided to cancel the membership of actors who have not acted in movies. Speaking at the New Year exchange program held in Kathmandu on Wednesday, Mohan Niraula, president of the Nepal Movie Artists Association, said that the membership of actors who have not acted in movies will be revoked. He also made it clear that he would not wait for the election process to cancel the membership. He said that those who became members only submitted their citizenship but no record of acting in any other movies was found, so now all the members requested to provide information about the movies they acted in for records.

Similarly, Chairman of Film Development Board Bhuwan KC said that all actors should join hands in the development and cooperation of Nepali films. Similarly, the president of Film Producers Association, Nawal Khadka, said that the salary of the actors has increased up to 70 lakhs in the name of stardom, and demanded that the artists’ association should fix the minimum salary. He challenged him to invest half with the producer if he believed that he would earn from stardom.

He said, “It is not wrong to have your demands, but you should determine your salary only by looking at the current situation.” Only seven or eight films have been able to raise investment but other films have sunk, the matter of increasing the salary is coming, now when the producers are rushing to make a film, the fact that the stars take 50 million to 70 million is not safe for the investment of the producers, that is why the artists association has to fix the minimum salary of the stars. Do it, if you are confident about stardom, go as a partnership with the producer.’

Similarly, the Secretary General of the Nepali Movie Artists Association, Sabin Shrestha, said that the association has decided to make movie actors who are over 70 years of age free lifetime members according to their citizenship. General Secretary Shrestha said that the artists union is always ready for the interests of artists and the promotion of the film industry.

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