The film ‘Dev Vani’ will be screened from 27th of Poush

The release date of Babu Saheb Balami’s directed film ‘Dev Vani’ has been fixed. This film will be screened on Poush 27th. The first-look poster was released on Thursday.

Actor Sunil Thapa, debut actor Kundan Bharadwaj, and debut actress Anuja Lepcha have been featured in the first of the two public posters for the film. In the second poster, actor Bharadwaj is presented as an angry young man.

The film will feature Sunil Thapa, Kundan Bharadwaj, and Anuja Lepcha, along with Dhrub Koirala, Ghanshyam Giri, Rabindra Jha, Nandu Srivastava, Amita Shrap, Mousam Poudel, Dev Singh, Pradeep Dhakal, Kajol Raghwani, Laxminath Timalsina, and others. The film was shot in Simra, Birganj, and Kathmandu.

According to director Balami, the film is being made in Nepali and Hindi. The production team is planning to screen the film in theaters in India on the day of its release in Nepal. Nirajan Mehta Manjil has prepared the story of the film, which is a collaboration between Mousam Films Production House and Anuja Entertainment.

Hari Bahadur Ghale’s cinematography and Shree Shrestha’s action in the film, Mousam Poudel, are the presenters of the film. The film is produced by Mina Khadka and Hira Bahadur Lepcha, and the executive producers are Mahendra Yadav and Apar Gurung. The film has choreography by Tenju Yonjan and main assistant direction by Tarkaraj Neupane.

The film, which is being worked on by Post Productions at Movie Point, will have music by Manohar Sunam, VFX by Shree Krishna Shrestha, color grading by Prabin Dhakal, and editing by Bande Prasad. Sunil Manandhar’s Shriram Balaji Films is distributing the film.

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