Reema Bishwokarma meet Oli in his residence at Balkot

On Friday morning, CPN-UML President KP Sharma Oli shared a picture with television personality and actress Reema Bishwokarma on Facebook. In the picture of Oli’s kitchen, he can be seen sipping tea with Reema.

Oli shared the photo on social media and wrote, ‘Hello everyone, good morning with this photo of him drinking tea with artist Reema Bishwokarma at his home in Balkot! Enjoy your tea too! Good Friday!!!’

Reema also shared pictures of Oli drinking tea, gossiping and playing table tennis. After the meeting with Oli, Reema said that she thinks Oli is an influential person.

She has written, “Especially successful people teach culture, civility and simplicity. I do not agree with many perspectives of the leader KP Oli, but I found the person ‘KP Ba’ to be really impressive. If the new generation who prefers change can absorb the experience of this old leader, the new Nepal would be really amazing!”

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