‘Julebi’ Trailer: Surakshya Panta plays the role of a sex worker

The trailer of the new Nepali film ‘Julebi’, which will be released on Bhadra 1st, has been released.

It is seen that the two-minute long trailer will make the audience more curious. From the scenes included in the trailer, it can be assumed that this film focuses on sexual psychology. Actress Surakshya Panta has been portrayed as a sex worker. Sushil Sitaula loves her one-sidedly.

According to the writer and director of the film, Ganesh Dev Pandey, the story of ‘Julebi’ made in the anthology genre, which is connected with Ratnapark. The story of the film revolves around the relationship of seven characters. The writer and director of the film has said that this film is based on the story of his life experiences.

Executive produced by Nabin Bhatt, this film is produced under the banner of Four Cube Entertainment. The film stars Surakshya Panta, Nisha Adhikari, Usha Rajak, Monika Thapa, Sushil Situla, Puskar Karki, Tuphan Thapa, Samir Mani Dixit, Roshan Subedi, Patrika Ghimire, Simran Sherchan, Danny Bhatt and others.

The film has Bibek Khadka’s cinematography, Jataveda Banerjee’s music, Anjay Khadka’s editing and sound design. DAR Movies has purchased the digital rights of the film, which was distributed by DCN and Rich Entertainment and it is said that the screening rights have been sold in some foreign countries.

The producer of the film is Abha Sharma. Producer Sharma said that the film tells the story of women’s relationships and the visual language of the film is strong.

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