The poetic trailer of ‘Mahanagar’ is released, Karma and Menuka are immersed in dreams and reality

Kathmandu – The trailer of the new Nepali film ‘Mahanagar- one Night in Kathmandu’ has been released. The trailer revolving around Karma and Menuka Pradhan has tried to present the dream and reality of the metropolis through two characters.

The trailer of the film, which has participated in many festivals at home and abroad and won some awards, has given the impression that the film is poetic.

Not only the poetry recited by Menuka’s character at the beginning of the trailer, but also the rhythm, dialogue and visual combination of the film have set the trailer apart.

In the film, it is indicated that Menuka is playing the role of a young woman who is burdened by the dream of the metropolis, while Karm is responsible for removing her from that burden.

The production team has been saying that the change brought about by that night in the life of two characters who are forced to spend the night together due to a small incident has been captured in the film.

Karma, Menuka Pradhan, Anoj Pandey, Sebita Adhikari, Jeevan Baral, Parikshit Bikram Rana, Chandra Pandey, Raj Paudel, Manoj Shah, Ramesh Kumar Dhamala, Sunita Mote, Melin Parajuli, Rajendra Shrestha etc. are also acting in this film.

The film, which had its world premiere at the Kolkata International Film Festival in 2021, won the Best Film, Best Screenplay, Acting and Direction awards in the National Film category at NIF, and received an Unravel Mention under Nepali Panorama at the Nepal America International Film Festival.

Produced by Middle Way Films in collaboration with Mountain River Films and Go Win Productions, ‘Mahanagar’ is written and directed by Mohan Rai, while this film has cinematography by Narendra Mainali, editing by Parikshit Jha, sound editing by Kishor Acharya and music by Pushpa Sangam.

Govinda Parajuli is the executive producer of the film and Nawa Nidhi Dahal is its creative producer.

This film is being screened across the country from Bhadra 8th.

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