Rekha Thapa becoming a mother

Actress Rekha Thapa posted a picture with her husband Balram Shahi Thakuri on facebook on Tuesday and wrote, ‘The future is also a wonderful gift, Who does not yet come but offers us happiness in installments.’

What kind of future did Rekha discuss: may have crossed many people’s minds. Yet this actress, who once ruled the Nepali film industry, informed her well-wishers of her impending motherhood in an indirect manner.

Rekha, who got married to her boyfriend, Balram Shahi Thakuri, last year, is getting ready to have a child. Special sources claim that Rekha’s 5-month-old child is developing within her stomach. While she awaited the arrival of her children, Rekha shared a photo with her husband and expressed her joy.

Rekha is currently filming for the film “Upahar.” Director Gyanendra Deuja is filming Rekha’s parts first while her tummy expands. Rekha has been working nonstop without missing a single day of the film’s production. Rekha will spend the entire time relaxing after the film’s filming.

Rekha skipped the honors ceremony the Film Development Board hosted in honor of Constitution Day a few days ago. It is clear that Rekha is attempting to hide her growing belly from the media.

Rekha will most likely have two happy occasions this year. Firstly, she is getting ready to become a mother. On the other hand, Rekha’s production and performance in the film “Upahar” are also being released this year. Rekha will therefore experience double happiness this time.

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