After 37 years, the collaboration of ‘Paanko Paat’ duo Premraja and Bam Bahadur

The famous song ‘Paanko Paat’ from almost four decades ago is timeless among the audience. Premraja Mahat and Bam Bahadur Karki and others gave voice in this song. At that time, these two also collaborated on other famous songs. Now, the pair of ‘Paanko Paat’ have collaborated again.

On Tuesday, Mahat and Karki gave vocals in the re-recording of a hit song from 37 years ago at the Music Nepal studio. They did not reveal which hit song but these two have collaborated on some hit songs including Paanko Paat. To give the audience a ‘surprise’, they have not revealed which song they re-recorded.

We re-recorded the hit song of that time. We do not say which song. We recorded the song using the old technology of that time. At that time, we had to sing live. At that time there was no condition to improve voice and music. Now that facility is there. The audience can also take it as a return to the old song,” Karki said.

He said that this plan was made within a few days as many people wanted to hear their couple’s songs. The audience will soon be able to watch this song visually and audibly.

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