The film ‘Lunga’, based on the story of the Limbu community, will be released on Shrawan 5

The first look poster of the film ‘Lunga’, which is a Limbu culture, has been released.

The film’s actors Buddhi Tamang, Bhuwan Singh Rai, Sarah Lohorung Rai have been featured in the public poster. Director Kiran Rai said that Rai Limbu culture has been given special importance in the film. This film will be screened at the 2nd Nepal Rural Film Festival which will be held this week and will be screened in the hall from Shrawan 5th.

The film, which is invested by Jyotiraj Rai, stars Buddhi Tamang, Bhuwan Singh Rai, Sarah Lohorung Rai, Prakash Dahal, Anup Lingim, Sudip Jung Karki, Ganga Bahadur Rai, Jekadan Limbu, Ramesh Budhathoki, Nishan Luintel, Smriti Pokharel, Salina Gurung and others.

Directed by Kiran Rai, the film has Sanjiv Rai, Prayas Ghimire as executive producers and Shanta Paudel, Manisha Pathak, Menuka Ghimire, Kailash Rai, TR Samsohang as co-producers. Kiran Rai has shot and edited the film, which is a collaboration between Easton Media and Bhumisa Productions. The film has been distributed by JJ Group in Kathmandu and FD Company outside Kathmandu.

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