Song of the film ‘Lungaa’ made in Limbu culture released (Video)

The song of the movie ‘Lungaa’, which is going to be screened from 5th of Shrawan, has been released. Ayush Pradhan’s voice, lyrics and music are in the romantic theme of ‘Allare Jowan’ lyrics. In the lyrical song, the film’s actor Bhuwan Singh Rai and actress Sara Lohorung Rai show love, conflicts and family obstacles. The audio aspect of the song is strong. 

The film directed by Kiran Rai also stars Buddhi Tamang, Bhim Sherma Limbu, Prakash Dahal, Anup Lingkim, Sudip Jung Karki, Ganga Bahadur Rai, Samjhana Limbu, Bimal Limbu, Ramesh Budhathoki, Nishan Luintel, Smriti Pokharel, Salina Gurung and others. Presented by Jyoti Raj Rai, the film is produced by Sanjeev Rai.

Bhumisa Productions has collaborated with Easton Media to produce the film, which is executive produced by Prayasan Ghimire and co-produced by Shanta Paudel, Manisha Pathak, Menuka Ghimire, Kailash Rai and TR Samsohang. ‘Lungaa’ has cinematography and editing by Kiran Rai. Written by Bhuwan Singh Rai, the screenplay and dialogues of the film are written by Prayas Ghimire, Nischal Sapkota and Bhuwan himself.

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