In ‘Agastya’ Saugat played the role of a mentally unstable person

Versatile actor Saugat Malla is giving a ‘surprise’ with his role in the film ‘Agastya: Chapter One’. The talk of having to lose 20 kg weight for the film made many people interested in his role. With the completion of India’s Gorakhpur schedule, the production team has released the character looks of Saugat. His looks can make the audience impatient for the film. 

In the picture Saugat is seen walking on the Indian railway track. Two cameras are filming him. His hair is touching his bum. The shirt he is wearing is dirty and the right part of his pants Saugat’s get up clearly understands that he is in a role of losing his mental balance in the film. It is difficult to identify him in the received picture.

After filming in Gorakhpur, India for about three weeks, the production team has returned to Nepal this week. Now the rest of the shooting is being done in Bhairahawa and then the production team is preparing to leave for Rajviraj. Director Saurabh Chaudhary informed that the film will be shot in Nepal for 40 days. According to him, the cost of the film is expected to increase somewhat. 

The film, written by director Chaudhary himself, also stars Nazir Hussain, Malika Mahat, Pramod Agrahari, Rabindra Jha and Bijay Baral in lead roles. Prakash Malla and Anish Tamang are the producers of the film which is being made in two series. The cinematographer of the film is Sanjay Lama. Director Chaudhary has already prepared the story of both the series of the film. This film will be made in action-love story story.

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