The film ‘Parastree’ received praise at the premiere,

Very few films are made in crime-thriller genre in Nepal. Makers do not dare to take risks in this genre, even with the understanding that the chances of commercial success are low. However, the audience who prefer this genre is significant in Nepal. Meanwhile, the film ‘Parastree’, made in the crime-thriller genre, has been released on Thursday. The Hindi version of the film will be screened in India from tomorrow.

The film received a good response at the premiere held at Big Movies in Kathmandu on the eve of the screening. Actress Swastima Khadka said that she felt fresh after watching a film of a different genre. The film is fun. The audience will also like it. Although there are few actors in the film, everyone keeps them on hold. Everyone has a smooth acting,’ she said. 

Swastima worked together with the director of ‘Parastree’ Suraj Pandey in the film ‘Love Love Love’. She also praised Suraj’s direction. ‘Even though it is Suraj’s first directorial, it does not mean that it is a new director’s film,’ she said, ‘We both worked together in ‘Love Love Love’. We were 19/20 years old at that time. Now he is proud to be a director.’

Actor Khagendra Lamichhane commented that he enjoyed watching the film. ‘I am a person who wants to make realistic films and act. Watching a suspense-thriller genre movie is very enjoyable. This kind of film is rarely made in Nepal. It was fun to watch. While watching the movie, I kept wondering what will happen next. I didn’t feel bore anywhere. The acting of the actors felt natural, he said. 

Director Suraj Pandey was excited by the response received at the premiere. Stating that he made an honest effort on his part, he said- ‘Even if he gets a good response at the premiere, he will never be satisfied with his work. I felt that I could have done better in the film. Even so, I am very happy.’ Producer Sharmila Pandey said that she was excited by the response to the premiere.

Writer and producer Dipendra K. Khanal informed that the film was ended by making a sequel. ‘We have ended the film in the same way for part two. We have shown what cleverness has done. However, the fruits of karma will be met. That will come in part two,’ he said. He also claimed that ‘Parastree’ is the strongest among the crime genre films made in Nepal. 

The film stars Shilpa Maskey, Koshish Chhetri, Gaurav Bista, Alish Chhetri, Aashant Sharma, Rambabu Regmi, Saraswati Adhikari, Jhaken BC and Arpit Neupane. The film is based on the problems caused by extramarital affairs. In ‘Parastree’, director Pandey has faithfully conveyed the story of writer Khanal in visual language. However, the film is a bit slow.

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