Effect of artist arrest in ‘One X Bet’: Some serials started repeating, some are stuck

On Jestha 32, the police arrested eight people for advertising online betting platforms. Among those arrested, five are actors of comedy serials broadcast on television. Among them are Marichman Shrestha (Balchi Dhurve), Raju Paudel (Raju Master), Pawan Khatiwada (Macuri), Begum Nepali (Bhatbhate Maila) and Saroj Ghimire (Dhedo Budo).

The police are detaining these artists with the permission of the Kathmandu District Court. In this case, the very busy and famous actors have been detained for more than a week, and the television program they are involved in has started to be affected.

Balchi Dhurve and Raju Master’s comedy series ‘Halka Ramailo’, which is being aired on Himalaya TV, is being telecasted again, while ‘Juthe’ is being telecasted regularly. It is said that some episodes of ‘Juthe’ serial are in stock and the broadcast has not been stopped. Both these series are written and directed by Balchi Dhurve and Raju Master.

Bhatbhate Maila’s ‘Gahro Chha Ho’ and Makuri’s ‘Khyal Tatta’ are also being broadcast. Serials with only actors are not so impressed. Other actors and teams are busy filming this serial. Saroj Ghimire’s serial ‘Pariwar’ is also being aired on Galaxy TV but the work has not stopped.

Even after the arrest of these five artists, even after the third week, the serial was slightly affected, but they did not stop. Ravi Giri, the actor of ‘Juthe’, says that there is no problem in broadcasting as some parts are in stock. Juthe, which is being aired on Himalaya TV, is a popular social and comedy serial of recent times. The arrested persons are accused of promoting betting through OneX app from YouTube.

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