Deepak-Deepa in preparation for the new film

Deepak Raj Giri, Deepashree Niraula and Nirmal Sharma are preparing for a new film. This new film will not be based on the ‘Chakkapanja’ series, but the new film will have the group of ‘Chakkapanja’. Before starting the pre-production of the new film, the team of Deepak-Deepa reached Pashupatinath on Monday morning and offered prayers.

“From today, the chapter of Chakkapanja 4 is closed and we are engaged in the pre-production of the new film,” Deepak told to reporters, “The work of script writing and other plans have started.” Producer and actor Nirmal Sharma also went to Pashupati for the success of “Chakkapanja 4” and gave thanks. He said that he worshiped. Deepa had taken vows for the success of the film, that’s why this group reached Pashupati.

Deepak, Deepa, Nirmal along with Raj Acharya, Kedar Prasad Ghimire ( Magne Buda) and a team have reached Pashupati. In the picture released by Deepashree, a fan has commented that team has reached Pashupati to worship for the preparation of the new project.

Producer Giri is preparing to shoot a new film from Bhadra and this film is scheduled to be released in Falgun. “Right now we are working on three scripts,” said Deepak, “from which one will be selected and the work will proceed.” He said that most of the actors from Chakkapanja will be seen in the new film. “The title of the new film will be announced in a few days,” said Deepak.

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