Krystyna Pyszkova of the Czech Republic wins Miss World 2024.

The winner of the Miss World 2024 title is Krystyna Pyszkova of the Czech Republic. Pyszkova defeated 110 competitors from various nations to win the 71st Miss World title in the competition, which took place in Mumbai, India, last night.

Forty contestants were chosen in the first round of the competition based on their fitness, attractiveness, talent, and public speaking skills. Subsequently, the top 8 competitors were chosen from the top 12 at different phases. The Top Eight featured a Q&A with the contestants on topics discussed at the recently concluded G20 summit in India.

Next, questions about women’s health were posed to the contestants. Pyszkova provides insight into menstruation and society in it. The way society views menstruation, according to her, needs to change.

Having placed among the top four, Pyszkova emerged victorious, defeating Yasmina Zaytoun of Lebanon, Ache Abrahams of Trinidad and Tobago, and Lesego Chombo of Botswana to claim the title. Yasmina Zaytoun of Lebanon came in first runner-up.

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