The international rights of ‘Gulabi’ have been bought by an American company, to be released under the name ‘Gunyo Cholo’

The international exhibition rights of the Nepali film ‘Gulabi’ have been purchased by the American company Vision Entertainment. Now this film will be distributed worldwide by the company under the title ‘Gunyo Cholo: Coming of Age of a Girl’ in 2024. The American company is going to cooperate with Nepali film production company ‘The Sky Ocean Entertainment’ in production and distribution. According to the director of the film Samundra Bhatt, now the Nepalese company and Vision will work together in this joint venture.

According to the agreement, Vision will handle the post-production of the film and will also distribute it worldwide. We are excited about this news. Vision is going to support us in our plan to deliver the film to the audience all over the world,” Bhatt said.

Award-winning American composer Marcelo De Francisci will compose the soundtrack of the film. Marcelo has composed background scores for Alexander Payne’s Oscar-nominated film ‘Nebraska’, Natalie Portman’s first western film ‘Jane Got a Gun’, ‘Drums of Victory’ and other films.

Marcelo said in a statement, “I love a great story.” After watching the first rough-cut of this film, my heart was touched. My tears fell. This is a heartwarming and real transgender story that everyone should experience. I believe it will inspire you as it did me. It can be widely shared with the audience.

Director Bhatt said that as it will be released internationally, the Nepal screening of this film has been postponed. Nazir Hussain is in the leading role of this film based on the story of a transgender character. In this he played the role of Gulabi. The film also stars Sanchita Luintel, Sushil Sitaula and Bishal Pahari.

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