Hark Sampang ‘guest’ at London premiere of ‘Gorkha Warrior’

Hark Sampang, the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, is going to participate in the premiere of the movie “Gorkha Warriors” which is going to be held in London on the 24th of Bhadra. Producer and director Chams went to Dharan invite Sampang to the premiere on Wednesday.

“He said that he would like to meet the British Nepalis who will participate in the film premiere and thank him for supporting him in his work,” director Chams said. were

“He said that he would like to attend the film premiere and thank the British Nepalis who supported him in his work,” Director Chams said, “He said that he would support him in the internationalization of Nepali films.” Accepting the invitation, Sampang said that it is necessary to spread Gorkhali’s glorious story internationally through the film.

The film is set to have its red carpet premiere at the prestigious IMAX Cineworld in Britain. Also, the producer is planning to celebrate the month of September as ‘Premier Month’. Members of the British royal family, parliamentarians, heads of local bodies, British army generals, Gurkha regiment officers, Nepali embassy, ​​celebrities and others have been invited to the premiere at the hall in Least Square, London.

Actors of the film including Bijay Lama will also reach London. Famous films such as James Bond and Mission Impossible have already had their London premieres at the IMAX Cineworld hall. It was my dream 20 years ago to premiere a Nepali film there. Today, I have come to fulfill that dream,” Chams said. “Mayor Sampang’s presence will make the ceremony even grander,” he said.

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