Poet Upendra Subba directed the film

Kathmandu- In the history of Nepali cinema, Upendra Subba, the writer of the ‘Kabaddi’ series, which earned well at the domestic ‘box office’, has become a director. In a press conference held here, Subba, who is also a poet, said that he did not become a director as planned while releasing the trailer of the movie ‘Jari’ directed by him.

“I didn’t come thinking that I would be a good director. I have come as per the plan of telling a good and different story”, director Subba said, “I have prepared the film to bring this story to the new generation.” He informed that the film portrays the dimensions of marital relations, women’s freedom and married life through the story of the ongoing custom in the Limbu community, and informed that the message is to move forward by understanding each other.

Actor Dayahang Rai said that he played a role in his favorite story. “It covers the freedom of the wife along with the husband. Here we have also shown the right of women to choose their spouse”, said actor Rai. On the same date, he asked him to accept the screening of his other film ‘Bihe Paas’ as well. “Perhaps everyone has seen a good time to bring the movies prepared after Corona to the audience. I am also filming at this time. However, this is all a process”, he said.

Actress Miruna Magar said that as her mother is a Limbu, she has affection for the Limbu community. “I did the things that I have been seeing since childhood in the movie. However, everyone will feel it more than any one. Because this is the story of our society”, actress Magar said. The movie is produced by the director of ‘Kabaddi 4’ Rambabu Gurung. She said that she and her team are collaborating with team to bring good stories to the audience. The movie ‘Jari’ is going to be screened on 1st Baisakh.

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